Saturday, November 14, 2009

Minister of Transportation, Luke Ouellette, has pronounced that Anglin is DANGEROUS!

(Rimbey) November 13, 2009 -- Joe Anglin, the leader of the Lavesta Area has been traveling the province to raise public awareness about the proposed legislation -- Bill 50.

Bill 50 will eliminate and transfer the authority of the Alberta Utilities Commission to the government cabinet, in all transmission line approvals that the cabinet arbitrarily deems is critical or necessary.

Click on the dangerous links below to view Anglin’s Bashaw, AB presentation on Bill 50. Part #2 and #6 debunk the government’s reasons for justifying the bill. Part #7 offers evidence that the government is not being truthful about the issue of export. All viewers are warned to take extra protective measures when watching the videos. It is believed the Minister of Transportation is fearful that the public may be harmed by the TRUTH!

The public and press is welcome to use and post the links as they see fit.

Bill 50 Part 1 Introduction

Bill 50 Part 2 Loss Factors

Bill 50 Part 3 History and Legislation

Bill 50 Part 4 Time has run out!

Bill 50 Part 5 Reliability Issue and HVDC

Bill 50 Part 6 Costs and Bias

Bill 50 Part 7 EXPORT

Bill 50 Part 8 Hypocrisy –What they said

Bill 50 Part 9 The Vision and Plan

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